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JobFit partners with local STEM academies, high schools, and CVCC to expose students to an array of IT domains that align with their innate passions. This opportunity helps high school students narrow down their option of what to study or pursue in order to help prepare them for their next steps in life, whether that step is college, or their career.  


JobFit internships with CloudFit software provide a unique hands-on learning experience for individuals looking to get into the world of IT. You will be placed on a team and be provided mentorship from CloudFit employees. This is a great opportunity for college students and career changers to obtain experience in the tech field ranging from UI/UX design, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, IT, and much more! JobFit internships are also an excellent way to gain leadership experience, and learn what it’s like to work in an office/workplace setting.


JobFit partners with senior-year capstone students from Liberty University to solve modern age technical challenges that every organization faces, which has them demonstrate what they’ve learned from their studies. These students will be placed in a team together to work on the same project so that they can gather their collective knowledge and get real-world work completed. 

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JobFit’s headquarters is located in the City of Lynchburg, where it strives to help the local population with student internships that can be transformed into full-time careers and jobs for the local community, with sponsorship’s from the Economic Development Authority of Lynchburg, and the Office of Economic Development & Tourism.


Every Thursday for two hours, JobFit collaborates with the Lynchburg Jubilee Center to teach kids about engaging topics. We want to provide the kids hands-on activities while discussing some of the topics we cover, such as IT, computers, and programming, in order to keep the kids interested and help the material stick.

JobFit 12 Week Learning Modules

JobFit offers online learning modules where students will learn in a virtual setting how to collaborate and solve real world business problems. 



I decided to intern at CloudFit because I understand that cloud computing is the way of the future. During my internship, I was able to learn haw to manage not just my own work, but also the work of my team as the project manager. The work environment at CloudFit is very lively and great! My favorite aspect of this internship is that the company makes me feel like I am part of something bigger than myself., which is something that large corporations often fail to do.
Jack Forthman
Intern 2022


During my Capstone project, I learned how to work as a team to complete a real-world project. Members of our team took turns being the project manager, so we got a lot of leadership experience. We learned how to interact with clients, how to use different technologies, and learned C#. Overall, my experience was extremely positive, our stakeholder was patient, kind, and guided us in the right direction while still being hands off so we learned on our own.
Chris Cockes
Intern 2022

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