CFS Redesign


Create a new version of CFS that provides excellent UX and serves our fellow coworkers.

The Process:


Start by creating a plan to accomplish your mission. This plan needs to be all encompassing from team collaboration to delivery.

  • What collaboration tools will you use?
  • What will your meeting cadences be?
  • How will you manage tasks?
  • What will your work schedule look like?
  • What does your timeline look like?
  • How will you measure success?
  • What software will you use?
  • How will you divide up work?
  • What research methods will you use?


Start by building a user persona for the targeted user of this portal.

  • What are there likes?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What are they seeking?
  • How can this experience best serve them?
  • Who can we interview that might be using an experience like this?

Take a look at what other companies are doing for their UX.

  • What are they doing well?
  • What are they not doing well?
  • Will some of their features and experiences work for CloudFit?

After getting some great ideas, come together with an affinity diagram!

  • No idea is a bad idea for this phase
  • Use a white board or software like Figma or Sticky Notes
  • Begin grouping these ideas into features or a flow


Now lets begin creating our experience! Start with a user flow of how you want your user to experience your application.

  • How will the user flow through your app?
  • What goal are they trying to accomplish a long the way?
  • What will they click first?
  • What will they see first?
  • Where you will insert analytics?
  • Where will you measure if your flow is successful?

Lets make your first wire frames! Now that we have a flow lets mock up some wire frames so we can begin to flesh out our portal. This step is important to not distract with pretty designs but get the core user needs down.


Now that we have our wireframes. Let test them out on some people who are not involved in this project.

  • Where do their eyes go?
  • Where do they get lost or confused?
  • Where do they enjoy the experience?
  • What are their pain points?
  • How long does it take them to get through the process?
  • Were they able to accomplish their tasks easily and efficiently

Iterate on your wireframes until you feel your mission is being accomplished with them on a high level.

Now that we are confident in our wireframe, now let’s mock it up in a high fidelity prototype!

  • What software or application will you use to get the experience close to your wireframes?
  • How will you test with your users?
  • How will you keep your prototype close to the wireframes?


Once we are confident in our high fidelity prototype. It’s time to launch and get real feedback from users.

  • Internal Marketing strategy?
  • Communication strategy?
  • User feedback strategy?
  • Analytics strategy?
  • What’s Next?
  • What new feature would your users want?


Now that you have officially launched version 1 of your portal. What feature is next?

  1. Research your metrics and feedback on your first launch
  2. Decide what feature you want to experiment with next
  3. Create a prototype
  4. Test
  5. Launch!
  6. Repeat