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Week 9
Continued Customer App Backlog Build-Out
Week 11
Review Hand-off Plan Checklist Draft
Software Development Program
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Features for Car Inventory (Ranked) 

  1. Mockups 
  2. Login and Registration 
  3. Add / Edit Vehicles 
    1. Images (Urls) 
    2. Features (DB) 
    3. Details (Make, Model, Year, Selling Price, Bought Price, Sold Price, Mileage, Description, Seller Notes, Status, External Color, Stock Type, …) 
  4. Vehicle list with sorting (partial view)  
  5. Manager Home Page 
    1. Simple Search (Make, Model, Year and Price) 
    2. List of Vehicles (using partial view) 
  6. Anonymous Home Page 
    1. Intro Header 
    2. Simple Search (Make, Model, Year and Price) 
    3. 10 Recently Added Cars (Grid 4x) 
  7. Page for Advanced search make, model, year (range), price (range), keyword on description, features checklist (all ANDs, no ORs) 
  8. Contact Page Form 
    1. Send Email 
  9. Contact seller for a vehicle 
    1. Send email using 3rd party service 
  10. Stretch Goals 
    1. Deployed to Azure App Services using CI/CD 
    2. Add Pagination to List Pages 
    3. Add advanced search for make, model range 
    4. Payment calculator 
    5. Add review as anonymous with email validation 
    6. Send email at user registration 
  11. Extra Stretchy Goals 
    1. Run and Deploy using Docker