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Week 9
Continued Customer App Backlog Build-Out
Week 11
Review Hand-off Plan Checklist Draft
Software Development Program
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Additionally, this week we will spend time discussing a new adventure—building your own app and presenting it to your peers and mentors. This exercise will give you an opportunity to practice. Using your newly acquired skills in JavaScript, HTML, React, and project management, create an interactive React app.  

Work with your mentor to brainstorm ideas. For example, an app that introduces yourself to your audience is sure to please. Plan to present your app in 3 weeks (Week 7) to your peers and all mentors. Please follow these guidelines while designing and building your app: 

  • Needs to ask questions of your audience and integrates their responses into your app (maybe a “Two truths and a lie” game) 
  • Presents a little bit of an autobiography that answers: 
  • 4 interesting points about yourself 
  • Where are you from? 
  • Why do you want to learn to be a software developer? 
  • What type of job do you see yourself one day? 
  • Has Pizzaz! Add some flair, pleasing UI elements, animation– anything to spice it up a bit. 
  • Is tracked and managed using GitHub issues and Project boards within your personal GitHub account. 

Start React Lessons 

With the remaining time, you will learn about building an application using React. Lessons will be started during this week’s in-person time and the rest of the lessons should be completed before next week. Use this time with your mentor to make sure you are able to work on your own.