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Week 9
Continued Customer App Backlog Build-Out
Week 11
Review Hand-off Plan Checklist Draft
Software Development Program
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Work through this week’s lessons in preparation for next week. Ask questions of your peers first, then mentor. 

JavaScript Introduction: Store Multiple Values in one Variable using JavaScript Arrays through Golf Code 

Complete lessons “Store Multiple Values in one Variable using JavaScript Arrays” through “Use Recursion to Create a Range of Numbers” (75 in total). This concludes the JavaScript language primer from freeCodeCamp. 

TUTORIAL: Basic JavaScript | 

Learn HTML: Elements and Structure 

HTML is the language used by nearly every website you’ve ever come across. The browser understands HTML and visually renders the content for you to interact with. JavaScript is used to interact with HTML elements in ways that make a website robust and functional. These two languages together make up our daily web experience.  

You will learn about HTML elements and structure this week and wrap-up HTML learnings next week. 

Sign up for a free Codecademy account and complete tutorials provided. Skip the Quizzes and Projects (these require a Pro account). 

TUTORIAL: Elements and Structure | Codecademy