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Week 9
Continued Customer App Backlog Build-Out
Week 11
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Work through this week’s lessons in preparation for next week. Ask questions of your peers first, then mentor. 

Learn React 

This part introduces Web Applications and which libraries are most often used. At the end of this week, you will have built a web application with ReactJS. 

There are many advanced topics and a few assumptions made in these tutorials. It is more important than ever to take notes, research terms and concepts, and be open with your teammates and mentor on any questions you might have or areas that are not well understood.  

TUTORIAL: ReactJS Lesson 

Step through this tutorial to learn about the ReactJS. This tutorial will teach you about basic concepts within the ReactJS framework. You will learn about components and how to isolate pieces and deal with complex UIs. This quick tutorial will have you build your own tic tac toe game with the time travel which will teach you about states as well.  

Additional Resources 

These are optional resources that you can use to bolster your skills. If you get stuck or have an interest in becoming more proficient, spend a little (or a lot) of time walking through these resources. In the Software Development career, practice is what makes you proficient and capable of solving more interesting problems. Keep your peers and mentor in mind if you get stuck or have questions. 

More Practice: Video Guided App Builds (To-do and Meme Generator) 

This video is long and comprehensive. You will learn how to build a web application using react and leveraging all those skills to build out a to-do app, and a meme generator application. This will teach you all the concepts of styling, adjusting, adding state, components and running a ReactJS application and can also be digested in small bits. 

VIDEO: Learn React JS – Full Course for Beginners 

More Practice: Hands-on React App Builds  

The goal of this is for you to have followed along and created this web application in ReactJS. There are two parts to this portion, a simple lesson to begin with that introduces programming concepts you may already be familiar with, but also how ReactJS specifically uses them, followed by a full buildout of a few more web applications complete with full descriptions of what is happening, why it is happening and how you can create and leverage those concepts for your own projects. 

TUTORIAL: Learn React for free