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Week 9
Continued Customer App Backlog Build-Out
Week 11
Review Hand-off Plan Checklist Draft
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Customer Presentation 

Work with your peers to prepare and rehearse your customer presentation for next week to your customer. Clearly describe your iterative progress, any designs, any demos, and upcoming, ongoing, recently completed and how they can access it. It is necessary to communicate good and bad information, often. Be sure to designate one of your peers to collect customer feedback about the app and the presentation. 

You will be presenting as a group. It is recommended to rehearse hand-off points in the presentation, who will take what slides. It should feel natural, not forced. 

Keep the lessons on customer presentations from earlier weeks in mind. Reach out to your mentors if you have any questions. 


Work through this week’s lessons in preparation for next week. Ask questions of your peers first, then mentor.