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Week 9
Continued Customer App Backlog Build-Out
Week 11
Review Hand-off Plan Checklist Draft
Software Development Program
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Research the Technologies and Tools 

The trade of Software Development requires the use of a diverse and rich set of technology, tools, and techniques. Understanding the various aspects of the field is critical. Spend time researching the items from the “Tools and Technology” list above. Use YouTube, Google, or topical websites to learn about the technology. Your goal is to gain a cursory understanding of each area.  

You will not be tested on this. However, as we progress through this program your understanding of each will be challenged as you meet weekly goals. 


Work through this week’s lessons in preparation for next week. Ask questions of your peers first, then mentors. 

JavaScript Introduction: Comment Your JavaScript through Word Blanks 

freeCodeCamp teaches the fundamentals of JavaScript, a technology you use every day but perhaps have never explored. The vast majority of all websites use JavaScript to provide a seamless experience. This experience includes animation, data presentation and filtering, notifications, pop-ups, and more.  

Complete lessons “Comment Your JavaScript” through “Word Blanks” (38 in total). Additional lessons will be covered in coming weeks. These exercises provide a soft introduction to the JavaScript language.  

You and your POD will use this knowledge to build tools and solve customer problems in future weeks. 

TUTORIAL: Basic JavaScript |